How to Start Bedsheet Business in Nigeria 2018

If you’re a beginner and you want to start bedsheet business in Nigeria, then it’s important you have a little knowledge of how the whole business works and how to go about it.

Starting a bedsheet business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria, if you play your cards well, you’d be smiling at the bank every month end because the profit will be massive.

In fact, at the end of this post, I’ll be revealing to you how you can always gather lot’s of profits from bedsheet business.

In this guide, I’ll be discussing a lot of things which will actually prepare your mind in starting a bedding business in a grand style.

What is Bedsheet Business?

Simply put, it’s the act of selling beddings materials of different types to people who want it for some purposes. I can be cotton, duvet or any kind of different sizes and colours.

How Profitable is Bedsheet Business in Nigeria?

Actually, it works like magic and it’s a profitable one too. Again, bedsheet business is extremely profitable, infact, it’s not known by many, and the little ones in the market are already gathering large profits.

Everyday, thousands of homes are built, you can see up to 3-20+ rooms in a single house, of course, the old bedsheets must get worn out soon, and soon go to the market to purchase a new one.

The market for bed sheet business in Nigeria is booming every single day, and you shouldn’t miss a chance to be part of it.

How Much Capital is Needed to Start Bedsheet Business in Nigeria?

It’s important to know how much is needed to start bedsheet business in Nigeria, so you can know your budget and how to go about it carefully.

Well, there are no exact capital specified to start beddings business, any amount you have is good to start, but bear in mind that the more money you started the business with, the more profit. If you’re on low budget, you can start small and grow later with the profits.

It’s a gradual process and all businesses you see today started small.

I’ll advice you start with at least the sum of N20,000 and above.

How Much Profit Can I Make Daily, Weekly or Monthly?

In bedsheet business, the profit ain’t stable, you can always fix your own prices and make lot’s of money from it. You can make as much as N3,000 – N5,000+ gain or profit from each bedsheet sale in Nigeria.

Have you ever visited online mall/marketplace like Konga or Jumia? When you search their website on bed sheets, you can see they sell original bed sheets, especially those with breath-taking colors cost up to N7,000 – N10,000. Yes, and people buy them.

The sellers are obviously making up to N3,000 – N5,000+ profit from those materials.

Again, bed sheets like duvets cost up to N15,000 – N20,000+ in online, although engaging in duvets bed sheets in costly, you can make up to N7,000 – N10,000 gain from each material.

It now depends how much you have to start the business.

How Can I Make/Purchase Bed sheet Materials?

Making and purchasing bedsheet materials are two different things.

Making Bedsheet Materials :

Making bedsheet materials reduces the production cost and increases the profit that will be made. When you make your own bedsheet materials, you go to the market, purchase the materials, cut it, sew it and then package.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to have those skills to produce it yourself, you can just buy the materials, give it to tailors and they will cut, sew and package it for you. It’s just simple and takes time.

Purchasing Already Made Bedsheet Materials :

To save time, you can go and purchase already made and packaged bedsheet materials in large quantities, which may sometimes attract discounts and that’s it.

But if you’re purchasing already made materials, you’ll not have to sit on the same store or line with those that sell it, you’ll have to sell it online.

You can alternatively, add small profit like N500 – N1000 and sell to your friends, colleagues and other places you know you can sell.

When you sell online, you own an online store and then add a big profit like N3,000 – N5,000.

If you want us to create a custom online store for you, it will only cost you N15,000 (promo price) we’ll also reveal to you how to start your bedsheet business without any budget/capital or money.

How to Market Your Bed sheet Materials

Like I tried saying before, how you sell your bedsheet, influences your profit or gain. I made you understand that selling the bedsheets in a physical store will attract little gain, compared when you sold it online.

Selling bedsheet in your area – N300 – N2000 gain.
Selling Bedsheets Online – N3000 – N5000 gain.

Thus, it’s better to market/sell your bedsheets online if you want to make it quickly. You actually don’t need a physical shop now, I advice you use that money you would have used to pay for shop rent to pay to create your online store, which we’ll do for you at N25,000 N15,000 only (promo price) . Contact us. Or whatsapp.

Conclusions and Recommendations.

Here, I would like to conclude and also recommend some things for you as a beginner in starting bedsheet business in Nigeria or anywhere.

Trust me, you can make up to N500,000 – N1,000,000+ monthly when you follow my simple steps and advice which I’ll tell you.

Whether you’re making your bedsheets yourself or purchasing it, I advice you to start selling it online, more customers are online and it’s not limited to any geographical area.

You can make up to N5000+ profit excluding the main price of the product.

You’ll receive your payments directly to your bank account, then you can send out their bed sheet to them using way bill or any transport means you know.

Think of when 20 people purchases your bedsheet daily online at a profit of N3,000 for 30 days.

You’ll be making N60,000 daily x 30 days = N1,800,000.

Now, the 20 daily buyers is just an understatement, you can get more than that amount of buyers daily.

Do you know how much sales those online stores like konga and jumia processes in a day?

Selling your bedsheets online will make you rich at a very accelerated manner.

Now, you’re ready and really interested to change your life with bedsheet business, and become rich from this profitable business, you have the choice of contacting us to create your online store for you for just N25,000. N15,000. (promo price). Whatsapp.

After that, we’ll tell you more things you should know, which we didn’t include in this article including how to start your besheet business with Zero capital & also make so much money online.

It’s all left for you to decide. Click here to contact us Or whatsapp.